Managing cluster status

Cluster status displays current clusters' status for those clusters associated with the selected queue manager connection.


Queue managers belonging to a cluster have a special relationship with one another. A queue within a cluster has the ability to access additional queue managers within the cluster.

Selecting the Cluster Status object from the Navigation Panel displays the Summary View.

Operations available for each cluster queue manager are:

  • Resume: Resumes availability in the cluster of a suspended queue manager
  • Suspend: Suspends cluster activity for the queue manager


    If a queue manager is a member of a cluster but you want to temporarily prevent the queue manager sharing its cluster queues and exchanging messages using the cluster, you can suspend the queue manager from the cluster. You can later resume the queue manager's membership of the cluster. 
  • Refresh: Discards and rebuilds cluster information for the selected queue manager
  • Reset: Removes the queue manager from the cluster

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