Managing connections

Each time that you log on to TrueSight Middleware Administrator, you view the Welcome pane with BMC branding information. To the left is the Navigation Panel with multiple objects displayed.

If you are working with a full installation that includes support for both IBM WebSphere MQ and TIBCO EMS, connections for both are visible. If your enterprise has purchased support for one or the other messaging system, objects relevant to that messaging environment are seen.


As this section focuses on IBM WebSphere connections (see also Administering TIBCO EMS objects), the relevant connection objects are described.

Selecting the horizontal navigational arrow to the right of any IBM WebSphere MQ object displays a list of all objects of that type in the Navigation Panel. All WebSphere objects are available in the Navigation Panel. When any object is selected at this level, its corresponding Summary View is displayed. 

The list of displayed objects in any view can be modified according to your requirements, see Creating and managing User Console views.

Note that the main difference between the Connection tab and the Projects tab is that the Connections tab should include the superset of all permissions for all projects to which the user logged in is a member. This means that, with the relevant permissions assigned, you can change object properties, tag items, schedule tasks and so on from the Connections tab.

Included in this section are the following topics:

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