Using Support Central's personalized dashboard

The Support Central dashboard is home to a number of useful resources for tracking down information to help you troubleshoot and resolve problems you might run into with your BMC products. 

Further on in this section, you'll find a description of what each resource can be used for, as well as detailed instructions for how to use them.

Guest view: 

Logged in view: 

Available resources / widgets:

  1. Case Management: Your most recent support cases. 
  2. Community: Blogs, questions, discussions and ideas. 
    • Shows suggested community content based on product popularity (guest users) or based on favorite products and recent activity (logged-in users)
    • Here is an example of the logged in view for personalized Community widget which displays the content based on favorite products and recent activity. In this view you can also Favorite / Unfavorite the product(s). 
  3. Product Downloads: Find the latest product downloads, patches, emergency license keys, and installation tools. 
    • Shows suggested downloads based on favorite products and recent activity (logged-in users)
  4. Documentation: Online technical documentation.
    • Shows suggested documentation based on product popularity (guest users) or based on favorite products and recent activity (logged-in users). 
  5. Product Support Pages: Everything you need on one page.
  6. Training & Certification: Choose among role-specific training. 
  7. Product Compatibility: Check product compatibility with platforms and databases.
    • Product compatibility page suggestions based on product popularity. 
  8. Product Catalog: Product support status and lifecycle dates.
  9. How-to videos: Help you to use BMC products more successfully. 
    • Suggested videos based on product popularity (guest users) or based on favorite products and recent activity (logged-in users). 

     10. Services & Consulting: Get help with all aspects of your digital journey. 

     11. Common Support Questions: Frequently asked questions

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  1. Miles Escow

    This section is maybe duplicated with "Getting Started with Support Central - Overview of the Support Central dashboard" - we should reduce that duplication. Nibin Georgeneeds to update this page with full details of new Support Central homepage.

    Apr 07, 2021 09:59
    1. Miles Escow

      Still need to get this done.

      May 19, 2021 08:32
      1. Miles Escow

        Nibin George this is where we need a screenshot of every widget and a description of what it does and how to use it. Please get busy with this.

        Jun 03, 2021 12:03
        1. Nibin George

          Hello Miles Escow I have updated the text with latest screenshot. 

          Please let me know if I should replace the old screenshots with new as well ?  (Stage / QA) 

          Nov 03, 2021 08:27
          1. Miles Escow

            Only if there is a mismatch with production, not QA

            Nov 03, 2021 12:24