Overview of the Support Central dashboard

The Support Central dashboard will serve as your main point of interaction with the BMC support. Below is an overview of the different elements of the Support Central dashboard, with a basic description of what you'll find in each.

  1. Main Support Menu This menu is the main navigation tool for the resources on Support Central. The menus are organized by topic:
    • My Support: In this menu, you'll find detailed information about your products and licenses, as well as your support profile.
    • Downloads & Products: In this menu, you'll find tools for downloading products and patches.
    • Resources: In this menu, you'll find links to the BMC Knowledge Base, user documentation, and information on product availability and compatibility. 
    • Additional Support Centers: In this menu, you'll find additional, brand-specific support resources.
    • Contact Support: In this menu, you'll find contact information for our regional support offices.
  2. Avatar area The Avatar area is where you will find 'Register,' 'Log in,' and 'Log out' options. You can also find an 'Edit Profile' link here after you have logged in to manage your support profile; including resetting your password, updating your contact information, adding favorite products and controlling your communication preferences. You can edit your Support Contract IDs and view any notifications about upcoming service interruptions from this menu.
  3. Search Use the search bar to find solutions for your support issues.
  4. Dashboard These tiles provide a quick and easy way to access support resources. Click the blue icon to see a personalized view of support resources. If you are not logged in the support resources will display information for BMC's most popular products in many case. For a more personalized experience log in, and then the various resources will show you information hand-picked for you, based on your activity on BMC's websites. In order to make sure that your products show up, please favorite those products.

    Further details

    Please see the 'Using Support Central's personalized dashboard' page for more detail on the support resources available in this section

  5. Support news 
  6. Guided Tour Please take the guided tour in order to get familiar with the new homepage and its features.
  7. Feedback If you have feedback for us about this new support homepage, please click here.
  8. Chat If you are ever stuck and would like immediate assistance, click the 'Chat with Addy' icon to open up a chat window with BMC's Customer Care team.
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