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Issues with BMC software can often stem from compatibility problems between different elements of our IT environments. To help pinpoint such problems, BMC Support offers the Solution Product Availability and Compatibility (SPAC) utility.

Click the 'Product Compatibility (SPAC)' link under 'Resources' to open the SPAC application:


Once you are in the Product Availability & Compatibility site, you can search for the information you require as seen below:

  1. Search by Parameters or by Product - At the top of the SPAC interface, you can choose which method you want to use to search the BMC products and the compatibility.
    • The Search By Parameters option helps you to search the product of your own interest. You can search the product by entering single text in the search field. Using Search By Parameters option you can search the product by expressing the BMC product or an infrastructure component like Operating System, Database, Browser, Web Server etc..
    • The BMC Product and Version tab helps you to list  supported Operating Systems, Databases, Managed technologies, and so on with which your selected product and version is compatible.
  2. Enter Search Variables - When searching by parameter, you'll notice that the search bar will automatically pop up a list of search criteria as you type. Selecting your criteria from these selections will ensure that your results are more accurate and make the process of search much faster.
    • On the search field, enter your query and click Search or press the Enter key. The matching results gets displayed under Compatible BMC products with their product name and version.
  3. Locate your Product on the List - The list below the search bar will display any products that meet your search criteria. Click on any product (which will open, Product and Version view) to see a list of its core components as well as a list of compatible platforms and compatible products.
  4. Click Help for SPAC User Guide - If you need additional help using the SPAC utility, click the "?" button in the upper-right corner. This will take you to the full documentation for using the SPAC utility.
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