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BMC requires that customers provide the following contact lists for each instance of their BMC Helix services. If you have subscribed to multiple services, you will probably have a different set of contacts for each one. Contact lists may be modified at any time by using the Contact Lists utility available from the Support Central Case Management portal. 

Change ApproversChange approvers are configured in the BMC operations system and identify those individuals who will receive notifications on scheduled changes and are authorized to approve a change request.
Change NotificationThe Change Notification list is used to store the email addresses to be included on all communications related to Change Requests (CRQs) for a given customer.
Emergency ContactsThe emergency contact list is used to notify individuals of system outages, and may include any other type of issue that is deemed an emergency by BMC.
General Notification ContactsThis list provides contacts that should receive general notifications about the service, such as new version announcements, policy change notifications, new service announcements and so on.
Maintenance ContactsThe maintenance contacts are notified of all scheduled maintenance activities. It is advised to have some overlap with the Change Approver list.
Security ContactsThis list is used for notifications in the event a security incident takes place that affects one of more of your environments. If no security contacts are listed, BMC will use the Emergency Contacts list.
Technical ContactsThis list provides contacts to directly receive the activation credentials for BMC Helix cloud environments. Technical Contacts stated on the original Order Form is, by default, included as a Technical Contact and can be updated or removed at any time by authorized Support Central users.


The same individual may be on multiple lists if they work in different capacities.

Contact lists may include group email addresses, for example

Notifications are important. It is the customer's responsibility to keep their contact lists current.

Note that users displayed on the Registered Support Users list can access and modify all support requests including incidents, work orders and change requests.

BMC recommends reviewing and updating these lists monthly.

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