Check product status

If you're having trouble locating resources to support an older BMC product, it's often useful to double-check the product's current status. There is two simple links to help you do that..

The first, is the 'Supported Products A-Z' list under "Downloads & Products."

On this screen, you can review all the products that BMC currently offers. Search for a product in the search bar above, or just scroll down the list alphabetically. You can also choose to organize the list either by current product names or by their former names, in case the product name has changed.

Click on a current product name to view a list of versions, and which of them are still actively supported. You can also click on a version number to view technical documentation for that product version.

The second resource to check is the 'Withdrawn Product List,' under 'Resources'.

This page lists all the products BMC no longer supports. The far right column for each product links to detailed information about the withdrawal, as well as migration instructions, when available.

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