This documentation supports the 9.0 version of BMC Atrium Single Sign-On, which is in "End of Version Support." However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.

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Editing custom realms

After you add a new realm by using the Realms panel, edit the realm by using the Realm Editor. The new realm does not contain any realm authentication, federation, or user-store configurations. Set these values by using the tabs in the Realm Editor. 

To edit a realm

  1. On the Realms panel, select a realm and click Edit. The Realm Editor is displayed. For information about the realm editor parameters, see Realm Editor.


    This editor has the same configuration properties as the default Realm Editor that opens when you click Edit BMC Realm on the BMC Atrium SSO Admin Console. For information about the configuration properties, see Realm Editor.

  2. Click Edit at the top-right corner of the console, and edit the Tenant Domain field value that you provided for creating a realm.
    You can add more than one host name in the Tenant Domain field.


    Use semicolon separators when adding more than one host name; for example,;

  3. On the Main tab, set the authentication properties.
    The Main tab provides various panels (User Profile, Realm Authentication, Federation, and User Stores) for specifying parameters. For more information, see Main tab.
  4. In the Realm Authentication panel on the Main tab, select the type of transformation that you need for your user ID from the UserId Transformer list. 
    • TO UPPER—Converts all characters in the user ID to uppercase
    • To lower—Converts all characters in the user ID to lowercase


      If you do not want to apply any transformation to the user ID, select No Transform.

    By default, two transformation options are available. You can add add more options by using customized plug-ins. For more information, see the Realm Authentication panel on the Main tab.
  5. On the User tab, create new users, or select an existing user to edit the user's attributes and memberships or delete the user.
    For more information, see User tab.
  6. On the Groups tab, create new groups, or select an existing group to edit or delete it.
    For more information, see Groups tab.
  7. On the Security tab, set the security properties.
    The Security tab provides different panels for specifying parameters,
    logon failure lockout,
    and valid forwarding domains. For more information, see Security tab.


    If you enabled BMC Atrium SSO Tenant Console support for multi-tenancy, click Tenant Console and Branding at the top-right corner of the console to verify configurations that the tenant administrator has done using the BMC Atrium SSO Tenant Console. For more information, see Verifying the tenant configuration.

  8. Click Save.

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