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Configuring an external Tomcat instance for FIPS-140

The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS-140) are standards for use in computer systems by all non-military government agencies and government contractors. For example, data encoding and encryption standards. For information about FIPS-140, see Configuring FIPS-140 mode.

To configure an external Tomcat instance for FIPS-140

If you plan to enable FIPS-140 and are installing to an external Tomcat server, perform these steps:

  1. Configure the Tomcat server for auto-deployment of .war files.
  2. Use the same keystore for both non-FIPS and FIPS versions of your server.xml file.
  3. Perform the following modifications to the server.xmlfile for non-FIPS and FIPS versions:
    1. Duplicate the original file to create a FIPS version (named server.xml.fips) and non-FIPS version (named server.xml.nofips).
    2. In the new FIPS version of the file, use the following ciphers attributes to force a higher level of encryption (or use your own values):

    3. Add the XML comment to tag the file as FIPS-140: <!-- FIPS140 -->
  4. Perform the following modifications to the java.securityfile for non-FIPS and FIPS versions:
    1. Duplicate the original file, creating and versions.
    2. In, make sure that the provider is the first one in the security providers list, with the remaining providers renumbered.

      For example, the following list places the JsafeJCE provider at the top of the list with a key suffix of 1, while the providers after JsafeJCE are renumbered to follow the first. The com.rsa.cryptoj.jce.kat.strategy and com.rsa.cryptoj.jce.fips140initialmode properties are placed after the security providers list.

      For those properties, use the exact values shown in the following example:


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