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This documentation supports the 8.1 version of BMC Atrium Single Sign-On, which is in "End of Version Support." However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.

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Reviewing AR server external authentication settings and configuring group mapping

Before you can properly configure BMC Atrium Single Sign-On, you must configure group mapping for external authentication in the BMC Remedy AR System server.

Before you begin

Make sure that the AREA LDAP plug-in is properly configured.

To configure external authentication for AR System

  1. Use a browser to log on to the AR System server (by using the mid tier).
    For example:
  2. Open the AR System Administration Console.
  3. Open the Server Information window by selecting System > General > Server Information.
  4. Click the EA tab
    (Click the following image to expand it.)
  5. Verify the following information:



    External Authentication Server RPC Program Number


    External Authentication Server Timeout (seconds) RPC


    External Authentication Server Timeout (seconds) Need To Sync

    300 (default)

  6. Verify that Authenticate Unregistered Users is selected.
  7. Verify that Authentication Chaining Mode is set to ARS-AREA.
  8. Set the Group Mapping.
    For example, you can map the Atrium Single Sign-On group BmcAdmins to the AR group Administrator.
  9. Click OK.

Where to go from here

Running the SSOMidtierIntegration utility on the Mid Tier

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  1. Shlomi Afia gonen

    I think it's required to restart AR after settings this up. Should we add a note?

    Jan 24, 2013 05:20
  2. Steve Breault

    Can this be used to map MS Active Directory groups to AR groups?

    Jun 11, 2014 02:42
    1. Abhay Chokshi

      Hi Steve,

      You can map the MS Active Directory group to AR groups using an LDAP user store. You must create an LDAP user store in BMC Atrium SSO Admin Console to access the AD group information of the user. Then, you should map the external AD group to the internal AR group through the table on EA tab of Server Information form as mentioned on this page.

      For information about creating LDAP user store, see Using LDAP (Active Directory) for authentication.



      Jun 15, 2014 11:25
      1. Steve Breault

        I appreciate the reply, however we don't use Atrium. Is there no way to map AD groups to Remedy groups from the mid-tier admin console? Is console's EA tab used to config Atrium only?

        Jun 16, 2014 01:24
        1. Abhay Chokshi

          Hi Steve,

          The concerned SME is looking into this issue. I will confirm an answer to your query shortly.



          Jun 18, 2014 01:57
        1. Abhay Chokshi

          Hi Steve,

          Thank you for your patience. You can map the AD groups to Remedy groups even if you are not using BMC Atrium Single Sign-On.

          For more information you can visit the following page on AR System documentation site:


          Please let me know if this helps you!

          Thank you!


          Jun 24, 2014 06:18