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Using variables

SMVARSxx is the variables definition parameter member.

MainView SRM reads it during system startup. The suffix that is specified in SMMSYSxx indicates which version of SMVARSxx the active MainView SRM configuration should use.

SMVARSxx variables allow a user-specified name to be assigned any number of selection parameters. The variable name is then specified in any other MainView SRM selection statement or Automation command.

You can change SMVARSxx parameters through the Variables option on the EZSRM Parmlib Members menu (see Defining the Variables menu option). SMVARSxx is an optional member.

SMVARSxx variables can be used in the Data Set Filtering, Tape Data Set Filtering and Extended CDS-Query Dialogs to substitute a parameter (such as DSN, VOLSER). The field level help in the dialogs note whether the parameter can use a variable from SMVARSxx.This section covers the following topics:

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