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Using scheduled services

With the Scheduled Services facility, you can schedule the invocation of MainView SRM commands, functions, and batch job submissions without using an automated operations system.

The commands can be scheduled to execute at various times throughout the day on various days of the week. For a description of SVOS and Loader console commands that can be scheduled, see Using MainView SRM operator services.

The scheduled commands are defined in the SMSCHDxx member within the SVOS PARMLIB concatenation. The keyword SCHD in the active SMMSYSxx member determines which SMSCHDxx member is used. During SVOS initialization, the SMSCHDxx member is read and the service intervals are placed in the scheduled service queue for execution.

The scheduled services views display information about the scheduled commands and related statistics. The views' available line commands let you manipulate the status of the scheduled service. The process of defining and maintaining scheduled services uses data entry dialogs that are available through the MVI interface.


You can schedule services only if you have a Reporting, Automation, or ESA password.

For more information, see:

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