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Using policies to manage pools, storage groups, and volumes

You use policies to schedule MainView SRM data collection, logging, and automation activities at one or more repeating intervals.

These intervals allow data logging and automation to occur against different pools, storage groups, or volumes at different times on different systems. Policies are created and maintained by using the MainView Interface (MVI).

The following table lists the elements that are included in a policy.

Policy elements



Policy identity

Defines the policy name and contains parameters that are used at the policy level


Defines a time interval where data collection, logging, and automation occur for the MainView SRM Reporting and Automation components (space collector, VTOC scan, and AUTO functions)

An interval is a set of parameters that define the criteria for the recurring activity or activities to be run. The parameters determine the following:

  • Activities to run

  • Time frame in which the activities are allowed to occur

  • Scheduled regularity at which the activities execute

  • System where the activities run

The interval definition can be used to:

  • Balance the data collection, logging, and automation workload across systems

  • Combine activities by having logging and automation run within the same interval

  • Set specific starting and ending dates for the interval

  • Execute a follow-up process at the conclusion of the activity by using batch job submission

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