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Defining the MainView SRM system

You define the MainView SRM system by coding global partitioned data set (PDS) members and storing them in the parameter library.

The global PDS members shown in the following figure are stored in the MainView SRM parameter library (BBPARM). They contain the specifications that define the overall characteristics of MainView SRM. For example, pool members define the composition of DASD pools, and calendar members define company holidays in the calendar year. You specify definitions in text format, and the PDS members interrelate in a hierarchy.

MainView SRM supports the sysplex environment, which means you can configure your system for a single-system environment or a shared PARMLIB environment.

MainView SRM partitioned data set members

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Using the SMMSYS ZIIP global parameter (the default is ZIIP=Y) you can direct selected code to IBM System z Integrated Information Processors (zIIPs) all sorts, compression or decompression in Storage Guard Perform, and Master SRM address spaces.

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