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Customizing MainView SRM Reporting

Perform the following tasks only if you are licensed for the MainView SRM Reporting component.

To customize DFSMShsm JCL

This optional task automatically extracts DFSMShsm log records whenever a log switch occurs.

  1. Copy ?prefix.BBSAMP(JCLHSMLX) to ?prefix.UBBSAMP(JCLHSMLX).
  2. Follow the user instructions in ?prefix.UBBSAMP(JCLHSMLX).
  3. Save the modified member.

To customize JCL for output management

This task modifies values for output management. 


The AUTOHMSG function can be used to respond to DFSMShsm activity in real time. The Output Management Facility is being kept to allow migrating customers to convert to the new facility when time permits.

  1. Copy ?prefix.BBSAMP(JCLOPM) to ?prefix.UBBSAMP(JCLOPM).
  2. Follow the user instructions in ?prefix.UBBSAMP(JCLOPM).
  3. Save the modified member.

    MainView SRM must be active to run output management.

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