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Tape last referenced

Select Tape Last Referenced to advance to view TAR.

This view displays information about tape usage based on the last date that the tape was referenced.

Select an age band to advance to a data-entry panel. Enter filter criteria or leave the fields blank to search all volumes and advance to view VAB. View VAB provides detailed information about volumes that match the age band that you selected on view TAR.

Select a volume serial number to advance to the Age Volume EZCmd Menu. The following table summarizes the options on the Age Volume EZcmd Menu. Press F1 to access online Help with descriptions for each field on the view.

 Age volume EZCmd menu views

Report name


Data Sets on Volume (DOV)

Lists data sets that reside on the specified volume

From this view, you can select a data set and press Enter to display the DOV EZCmd Menu. (See Table 1 for the menu options.)

Detail View (VABD)

Provides detailed information about the volumes within the previously selected age band

Multi-Volume Data Sets (MVD)

Displays data sets that span more than one volume

Tape Location (SLRVA)

Shows the tape location

  • Tapes that are in the TMC might also be in the Automated Tape Library (ATL) or Virtual Tape System (VTS).

  • A virtual tape can be backed up to multi-volume cartridges. The MVCs for virtual tapes are shown.

From this view, you can select a volume serial number and press Enter to display the Tape Location EZCmd Menu. (See Table 1 for the menu options.)

Volume Audit (TSAR1)

Displays volume serial-number based audit with emphasis on the TMC

Volume Sequence (VSEQ)

Lists volumes which are linked because they contain a data set that spans this and another volume in the sequence

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