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SRM Batch Reports

The SRM batch reports are a set of specific reports that are available from MainView SRM.

The SRM Batch Reports option provides an online interface to the predefined batch report members that are located within the data sets in the BBSLIB DD concatenation of the SVOS PROC. These members contain JCL to run batch reports against MainView SRM collected data. The members contain instructions for tailoring the sample JCL to site specifications.


The data sets allocated to STEPLIB or LNKLST must be APF-authorized. If the SYSPRINT data set is allocated to a sequential data set, DISP=MOD must be used. You might want to delete and reallocate SYSPRINT data sets before running batch reports. The SYSPRINT output cannot be directed to a PDS. To accomplish that purpose, write the SYSPRINT output to a sequential data set and, in another step, copy it to a member of a PDS.

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