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Primary commands for saving and loading MainView SRM views

You can use the following primary commands to save, load, and show SRM views:





Saves the current SETSRM parameters that produced the resulting view (But does not save the view's data)

SAVESRM viewName 'description' replace

The parameters are optional. Issuing SAVESRM with no parameters displays a dialog where you can enter values. In the dialog, you do not need to use single quotes for the description.

The parameters are:

  • viewName specifies a string of characters that can include alphanumeric characters and national characters.

    Other allowed characters are underscore, hyphen, period, exclamation, percent, caret, ampersand, parentheses (left and right), angle brackets (left and right), colon, and semicolon.

    Blanks, slashes, backslashes, apostrophes, and quotation marks are not allowed.

    The use of other characters cause unpredictable results.

    These characters are based on the American English keyboard.

  • description can be an alphanumeric description up to 30 bytes long. If you include spaces, enclose the string within single quotes. The default is 'NONE'.

    Note: This parameter is required only if you include the replace parameter.

  • replace specifies whether to replace an existing view definition if the specified view name is already in use. Valid values are Y (yes) and N (no). The default is N.


Loads saved view parameters and displays results (either a specific view that you specify, or all saved views)

LOADSRM viewName

The parameter is optional. Issuing LOADSRM without a view name lists all of your saved views. From the list, you can select a view to display or to delete.

The viewName parameter specifies a saved view that you want to display. Valid names are alphanumeric strings up to 16 bytes long, with no spaces.


Displays the currently set SETSRM parameters

You can update a SETSRM keyword by typing over its input line, entering U in the command line, and pressing PF3.

Not applicable.

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