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Getting quick results

MainView SRM Reporting offers a wide range of reports and features to help you manage your entire storage enterprise. Some of these reports require a period of time during which the collectors gather data. However, you can quickly get results from MainView SRM Reporting to complete the following tasks:
  • Monitor HSM errors (HSM views)

  • Monitor HSM recall activity (HSM views)

  • Evaluate historical pool performance (Performance)

  • Locate your worst-performing volume or UCB address by using real-time performance statistics (Volume Performance menu)

  • Locate your worst-performing physical device by using real-time performance statistics (Real time statistics)

  • Review a list of all applications (accounts) in your applications database and their associated allocations (Using APPLTAB line commands)

  • Monitor HSM data set thrashing (HSM views)

  • Generate data set reports based on criteria such as data set age or size, volume, storage group, or other criteria (Data set management)

  • Identify data sets with CI/CA or other potential problems by using the Data Set Analysis (EZDSA) menu options that are available from volume- and pool-related views (Group EZMenu (EZPOOL))

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