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Using MainView SRM DMS2HSM

The MainView Storage Resource Manager (SRM) DMS2HSM product automates the conversion of DMS archived data sets to HSM.

The DMS archived data sets are restored to a pool of volumes specifically allocated for the conversion process. The migration to HSM of the restored data sets is automated by monitoring the volumes' free-space and forcing the HSM migration to second-level storage when utilization thresholds are reached.

The DMS2HSM conversion program works in conjunction with three other products from BMC:

  • The MainView SRM Allocation product, which forces the pooling of the restored data sets to specific staging volumes

  • The MainView SRM Automation product, which monitors the staging volumes for free space and issues an operator command to start volume-level migration

  • The MainView SRM Reporting product, which is used to force HSM to migrate the conversion data sets to Migration Level 2

DMS2HSM creates the DMS Restore jobs, an exception report of data sets that were bypassed, a tape pull list and a statistics summary of the conversion process. The reports can be used to determine the number of tapes to be processed, the number of data sets, and the amount of storage the converted data sets will utilize. An option of the conversion program will produce only the tape pull list and statistics report.

For more information, see:


A demonstration of this product can be executed without a license. The data generated for this demonstration is valid and useful but may only represent about 2% of your data sets.

Contact your BMC Software representative to discuss how BMC Professional Services can facilitate the conversion of your DMS data to HSM.


  • In this documentation, the product referred to as DMS was marketed as DMS/OS and SAMS:Disk by Sterling Software and is currently marketed as CA-Disk by CA Technologies (formerly Computer Associates).
  • In this documentation, the product referred to as HSM is marketed as DFSMShsm by IBM.

Process flow

The following figure represents the process flow.

DMS2HSM process flow

Where to go from here

Before proceeding, ensure that you have installed the product and authorized the product password. For more information about installation and password authorization, see the Installation System documentation.

Subsequent sections in this documentation explain the conversion process in detail. You can set up the product and prepare for conversion as explained in Configuration for DMS2HSM.


This documentation should be read and understood in its entirety to ensure a successful conversion.

See all of the following sections:

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