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Using AUTO functions

MainView SRM storage-management services are divided into functions.

The SMFUNCxx PARMLIB member activates MainView SRM Automation (AUTO) functions and controls message and tracing activity. Functions provide all of the runtime services of MainView SRM Automation. SMFUNCxx points to members SMFLSTxx and SMRLSTxx, which select resources and control the operation of the functions. Each function must be specified in the SMFUNCxx member to be available and must be active to provide services.

Unlike other MainView SRM functions, the AUTOAPPL, AUTOCATA, AUTOCATC, AUTODS, AUTOOVSM AUTOPOOL, and AUTOVOL functions are initiated through console commands rather than during some other process or event. For example, the AUTOPOOL console command can be used to initiate pool automation. This console command can be issued by an AUTO function solution or by time-driven rules in MainView AutoOPERATOR or through any mechanism that can issue console commands.

For information about defining functions, system parameters, and FLST/RLST parameters, see the MainView SRM products usage documentation.

For more information about using AUTO functions, see:

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