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Using AUTO commands

To initiate storage automation, you can issue a console command to the MainView SRM SVOS address space manually (through MainView AutoOPERATOR Rules) or through any other mechanism that allows console commands (MainView Alarm Manager, MainView API within MainView AutoOPERATOR, and so on).

For AUTO commands, the following conditions must exist:

  • MainView SRM Automation must be active.

  • The requested AUTO function must be active.

  • For AUTOAPPL, the application component must active.

When an AUTO command is issued, the data-collection processes are started for the AUTO functions.

These processes can include scanning VTOCs and obtaining data set-level information across the resources that are indicated in the command. If many volumes or data sets are associated with a resource, or if volumes are included in multiple pools, subpools, or applications, the collection processes could be time-intensive and CPU-intensive.

To reduce CPU and storage utilization in the SVOS address space, you can use the AUTO_MXTSK and VSCAN_MXTSK keywords to specify a particular number of tasks to use in automation processing. The minimum value for these keywords is 2.

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