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Updating multiple scheduled service commands

You can update multiple scheduled service commands by issuing the MU primary command in the SCHDSRV view.


You can update only certain parameters of the scheduled service by using this command.

To update multiple scheduled service commands

  1. Issue the Tag (T) line command against the commands that you want to update.
  2. After selecting the commands that you want to update, issue the MU primary command on the COMMAND line.

    A dialog displays that contains the parameters that you can change.

  3. After completing the update, refresh the updated scheduled service member so that the changes take effect.

    The changes you make in the dialog override the current parameters in the member for each command that was selected.

    A field is changed only if you entered a value in that field. The updated fields override the current values for those fields in the interval definition. For example, if the current definition is to execute the interval on Tuesday and Thursday and you set the value for Which days of the week should the activity occur to Wednesday, the interval is changed so that it will execute only on Wednesday.

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