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Scheduled services facility

To use the scheduled services facility, you must supply the SHCD keyword in the active SMMSYSxx member. Also, the keyword must identify the suffix of an SMSHCDxx member that resides in the SVOS PARMLIB concatenation.


SCHD=00 directs schedule services to use the SMSCHD00 member.

Product installation placed the default member, SMSCHD00, in your distributed PARMLIB library. Ensure that this member is in your SVOS PARMLIB concatenation, and that you have updated your SMMSYSxx member to point to it as shown in the preceding example.

Service intervals default definitions

Several default service intervals are provided in the SMSCHD00 member.

The default service intervals and their descriptions are as follows:

Service interval



Issues the DAILYSUM command to create capacity planning records


Initiates populating the catalog statistics data set


Issues the APPLMON command to collect and log application data


Issues the SPSUM command to create space data records


Issues the VSCAN command that collects and logs data set information based on the SMVSCF member suffix provided

In this example, the suffix is 00 (SMVSCF00).

For more information about customizing and using these commands, see the MainView SRM Reporting Reference Manual.

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