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This space provides the same content as before, but the organization of the home page has changed. The content is now organized based on logical branches instead of legacy book titles. We hope that the new structure will help you quickly find the content that you need.

Logging on to MainView SRM

Use the following procedure to start the MainView SRM product through a TSO terminal session, or through a VTAM or EXCP session.


If you prefer to start the product through a MainView Explorer session, see the Using MainView products.

Before you begin

Check with your product administrator to ensure that the coordinating address space (CAS) and product address space (PAS) have been started. For successful operation, MainView SRM requires the CAS, the PAS, and your user address space (UAS).

If you need to start them, see the MainView Administration Guide for CAS and PAS startup instructions.

To log on to MainView SRM

  1. Access the MainView Selection Menu by executing the MainView CLIST in one of the following ways:
    • If your ISPF main panel contains an option for MainView products, select that option.

    • On the COMMAND line, issue the TSO MainView command to execute the MainView CLIST. (MainView is a CLIST that you or your product administrator created during MainView Customization.)

    • Start a VTAM or EXCP MainView Alternate Access terminal session that executes the MainView CLIST. For more information, see the MainView Alternate Access Implementation and User Guide.

    The next panel that is displayed depends on an installation option. If the installer set up the MainView CLIST to use a specific connection, the MainView Selection Menu is displayed.

    MainView Selection Menu

    --------------------------- MainView Selection Menu -------------------------
    OPTION  ===>                                               DATE   -- 2007/02/24
                                                               TIME   -- 08:30:59  
          0    Parameters and Options                          USERID -- LWOOD   
          E    Alerts and Alarms                               MODE   -- ISPF 5.2
          P    PLEX Management (PLEXMGR)                                         
          U    Utilities, Tools, and Messages                                    
       Solutions for:                                                            
          A    Automated Operations                                              
          C    CICS                                                              
          D    DB2                                                               
          I    IMS                                                               
          L    Linux                                                             
          N    Network Management                                                
          S    Storage Management                                                
          T    Application Management and Performance Tuning                     
          W    WebSphere and MQSeries                                            
          Z    OS/390, z/OS, and USS                                             
          Enter X to Terminate

    If the MainView Selection Menu is not displayed, contact your product administrator for assistance.

  2. From the MainView Selection Menu, select option S (Storage Management).

    The Storage Management Solutions panel is displayed.

    Storage Management Solutions panel

    ---------------------- Storage Management Solutions ---------------------------
    OPTION  ===>                                               DATE   -- 2006/02/24
                                                               TIME   -- 08:30:59  
       Management                                              USERID -- LWOOD     
          1  MVSRM        MainView Storage Resource Manager    MODE   -- ISPF 5.2  
          A  AUTOMATION   MainView AutoOPERATOR                                    
          E  ALERTS       Alert Management                                         
       General Services                                                            
          M  MESSAGES     Messages and Codes                                       
          P  PARMS        Parameters and Options
  3. Select option 1 (MVSRM).
  4. Proceed as follows, based on your screen display:

    If the Session Control Parameters panel is displayed, ensure that the Subsystem ID field contains the coordinating address space (CAS) identifier, and press Enter to access MainView SRM System Services.

    Session Control Parameters panel

    BMC SOFTWARE ----------- SESSION Control PARAMETERS -----------------------
    COMMAND ===>                                                               
    Subsystem ID    ===> CAS5 (CAS Subsystem ID, ? for list of active SSIDs) 
    XDM mode        ===> NO     (Execute session in diagnostic mode, Yes/No)   
    Press ENTER to confirm use of session parameters entered above.


    If you need help with the CAS ID, consult your MainView System Services product administrator.

    • If the MainView SRM Main Menu (EZSRM) is displayed (Using Easy menus), you can start using the product.

    • If the displayed screen is one that your product administrator created, type EZSRM on the COMMAND line to see the MainView SRM Easy Menu (Figure 5 on page 21), or you can type the appropriate view name on the COMMAND line and press Enter.

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