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The MainView SRM Automation component provides powerful event-generation and storage-automation technology across the storage enterprise.

Storage-related events can be detected anywhere throughout the MainView SRM suite of products. You can create automated solutions to perform pool, volume, application, or even data set-level manipulation. You can then use the solutions to respond to conditions, or you can invoke the solutions to perform ad hoc requests.

With the Automation AUTO functions, you can conduct monitoring and automated storage management of pools, groups, applications, and volumes, invoking distributed or user-created automation solutions when utilization or other thresholds are exceeded. These solutions can be initiated in a tiered or multilevel approach, where solutions can be implemented sequentially, with each solution taking a more drastic action, until the condition is resolved.

With the AUTOHMSG function, automated responses can be initiated, based on IBM DFSMShsm messages, detecting and resolving DFSMShsm errors as they occur. Responses can be sensitive to different storage groups, management classes, and many other metrics.

With the AUTOADDV function, you can control the process of selecting a volume from the candidate pool and the skeleton JCL to reinitialize the volume. Volumes can be selected based on the target storage group, device type of the volume, and so on.

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