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Defining and activating functions

In the SMFUNCxx member that is provided on the distribution tape, all functions are defined as inactive. To use MainView SRM, you must activate the functions that you want to use and define the resources on which the functions act. You can activate the functions all at once, or you can activate a single function at a time.

Before you begin

To use a function, you must first perform the following actions:
  • Define a filter list (in an SMFLSTxx member), with MODE=ACTIVE, and with INCLUDE parameters to apply the function to a set of resources (data sets, volumes, pools, jobs, and so on). To define a filter list, see Using SMFLSTxx—filter list parameters.

  • Define a rule list (in an SMRLSTxx member) that specifies how resources are affected. To define a rule list, see Using SMRLSTxx-rule list parameters.

To define parameters for functions

  1. From the EZSRM Menu, select Functions.

    The ADFUNC view is displayed. ADFUNC lists the status and information for all functions that are defined in the system.

  2. Use any of the following action codes in the CMD column next to a specific function name to further define the function:

    Action code

    Used to


    Activate the function


    Browse the filter list


    Browse the rule list


    Change the filter or rule list suffix, or the message or SMF level


    Display the filter list in core storage


    Display the rule list in core storage


    Edit the filter list


    Edit the rule list


    Deactivate the function


    Refresh both the filter and rule list


    Display the rule list in core storage


    Refresh the filter list


    Refresh the rule list


    Display the contents of storage for the FLST


    Display the contents of storage for the RLST

  3. Use the refresh action codes as needed to update the function, and then press Enter.
  4. Press PF3 to save and exit the function.

For more information

Functions and the filter lists and rule lists that are available to them vary by MainView SRM component. For information about the function parameters, see the Reference, or see the documentation for the relevant component.

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