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Basic event generation

In MainView SRM Automation, the thresholds and conditions that generate user events are specified on FLST/RLST statements in functions.

User-defined storage occurrences can generate events in the form of messages. The event definition determines the text (message) of the event. The EVENTID parameter indicates the event that is to be triggered when user-defined thresholds are exceeded. The DEST parameter determines where the event message will be sent.

You can use all fields in the FLST/RLST statements of a function to customize the event and use the message text as a means to pass data from the function to MainView AutoOPERATOR. The MainView AutoOPERATOR Rule can then use the data to trigger an automated solution in response to the event.

When a situation is noted in FLST/RLST statements and an event is generated, you can specify an event ID that is unique to this condition or you can specify a common event ID to be generated in multiple FLST/RLST statements/conditions.

If you want the same solution for multiple conditions, use a common event ID. If you need separate solutions for each condition, use unique event IDs.


If data is inserted into the event text, individual event IDs are needed for each function because each function has its own keywords that are allowed in the event text as substitutable variables.

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