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Automation overview

The Automation component provides a facility that can be used to scan the storage environment for conditions.

When a storage-related condition is encountered, one of the following actions can occur:

  • An event can be issued to externalize the condition to one or more TSO users, the system log, or an automated-operations package.

  • Skeleton JCL can be tailored to respond to the situation.

  • An SVOS, IBM MVS, or an HSM command can be issued

These solutions can be initiated through console commands, from within the MainView SRM Scheduled Services facility, from MainView SRM Reporting component policies, or as console commands, which can be used within an automated-operations package or manually for ad hoc requests. Any vehicle that can issue console commands can request solutions of MainView SRM Automation.

MainView SRM Automation provides solutions at the pool, volume, application, or data set level. Solutions are delivered through the FLST/RLST statements of AUTO functions. These statements select the elements on which to act and define the actions to be taken for the solution.

You can customize and implement distributed sample solutions or you can create and implement your own solutions for use in any situation.

MainView SRM Automation also provides solutions to add a volume to a storage group, or respond to DFSMShsm errors or text messages.

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