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Accessing the service queue

During initialization or refresh, the scheduled service interval is placed on the scheduled service queue regardless of its defined status.

That is, even if the interval is defined as inactive, it is still placed on the queue for execution but will not execute. The service queue is displayed in the SCHDSRVQ view.

To access the service queue

  1. On the EZSRM Main Menu, select Automation under the Tools and Menus category.

    The Automation Options menu is displayed.

  2. Perform one of the following steps:
    • Select Scheduled Service Queue under the Automation Processes category.

    • Type the SQ line command against the row of the interval that you are interested in viewing, and press Enter.

    The SCHDSRVQ view is displayed.

    SCHDSRVQ view

    31JAN2006  08:37:44 ------ MainView WINDOW INTERFACE (V5.0.03) ----------------
    COMMAND  ===>                                                 SCROLL ===> PAGE
    CURR WIN ===> 1        ALT WIN ===>                                            
    >W1 =SCHDSRVQ==========SYSA=====*========31JAN2006==08:37:44====MVSRM====D====4
    CM Name             Current  ID       First Last Next Intv Intvl Total Elap Qua
    -- -------          Status   ----     Exec  Exec Exec Time Count Count Days Day
       VSCAN DAILY      INACTIVE 00000001 2230  0000 2230 1440     1    31   31   3
       SP APPLMON       ACTIVE   00000002 0610  0810 0910 0060    10   722   31   3
       SPSUM PHYSICALS  ACTIVE   00000003 0630  0630 0930 0180     4   244   31   3
       CAPPLAN DAILYSUM ACTIVE   00000004 0800  0800 0800 1440     2    32   31   3

    The following table describes the line commands that are available from the SCHDSRVQ view.


    The EXCMD primary command, which allowed MainView SRM commands to be processed, was removed in version 7.5.01 because the functionality was similar to the new SVOSCMD primary command. For a description of the SVOSCMD primary command, see Reference for MainView SRM products.

    SCHDSRVQ line commands

    Line command and name


    A - Activate Interval

    Activates an inactive interval

    This command affects the current status and does not update the SMSCHDxx PARMLIB member.

    AS - Display All

    Displays all service intervals in the queue

    EX - Execute Command

    Displays a dialog that contains the command that is defined in the row selected

    The command can be altered as required. The command that is entered must be a valid MainView SRM command. The command is submitted by exiting the dialog.

    I - Inactivate Interval

    Inactivates an active interval

    R - Reset Statistics

    Resets the statistics for the interval

    This command affects the current status and does not update the SMSCHDxx PARMLIB member. All counts related to the interval will be reset.

    SD- Display View (Services)

    Displays a detail view of the service interval selected

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