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Using the PRSMF000 utility

The PRSMF000 utility sorts the messages by function and date, and it writes one PDS member per function. The MainView SRM ISPF interface enables you to view the processed SMF data.

A sample of the required JCL for SMF record processing is supplied in the JCLSMFL member of the ?prefix.BBSAMP library. The SMF record layout is also supplied. SMF record layout shows an example of the record layout. The production of SMF messages is controlled by action parameters in the following members:




The SMF record ID can be specified with the SMFID parameter. See SMFID in Reference for MainView SRM products.


Function definitions control the level of produced messages. See the section about function member parameters in Reference for MainView SRM products.


Message production can also be controlled at the level of resource selection. See Using SMFLSTxx—filter list parameters.

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