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Using the monitoring and positioning facility

Converting a data center to DFSMS can be a time-consuming, complicated, and expensive task. The monitoring and positioning facility eases the process of preparing for and converting to DFSMS.

The monitoring and positioning facility supplies the following:

  • Reports of key DFSMS information, including:

    • Data sets that are not supported by DFSMS

    • Compliance with data set naming standards

    • Possible data classes that correspond to the data center’s data sets

    • Data set positioning into DFSMS classes before implementation

  • Automatic generation of control cards to force data sets into compliance with DFSMS-related standards and classes.

The reports can be configured to cover data sets by name, by pool membership, by volume residency, by storage group, by size, and by migration status. Definitions in MainView SRM and in DFSMS are used to determine how data sets will be affected by the implementation of DFSMS.

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