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Using DASDPOOL to test Allocation functions

Use the following procedure to test Allocation functions by using DASDPOOL.

To test Allocation functions with DASDPOOL

  1. Copy the following members from ?prefix.BBSAMP to ?prefix.UBBPARM:


  2. Follow the instructions in each member and save your changes.
  3. Sign on to MainView SRM. The EZSRM Menu is displayed.
  4. Under Administration on the EZSRM Menu, select Functions to display the ADFUNC view.
  5. From ADFUNC, perform the following actions:
    1. Type C in the CMD column next to DASDPOOL, then press Tab.
    2. Type DP in the FLST column, then press Tab.
    3. Type DP in the RLST column and press Enter to display the 'change requested' message; press Enter again to redisplay ADFUNC.
    4. Type A in the CMD column next to DASDPOOL, then press Enter to activate it.


      The suffix changes for DASDPOOL remain in effect until SVOS is stopped or until you change them to new values.

  6. Copy IVPEZP01 from ?prefix.BBSAMP to ?prefix.UBBSAMP.
  7. Follow the instructions in the member and save your changes.
  8. From your ISPF session, submit job ?prefix.UBBSAMP(IVPEZP01).
  9. Verify the following data set allocations:
    • The data sets in IVPEZP01 that are associated with DD1 and DD2 have been allocated to the volumes that you defined for IVPPOOL in member SMPOOLIV.

    • The data set associated with DD3 has been allocated to the volume you specified in the JCL.

    If you were unable to verify the data set allocations, check the following items:

    • From the Administration on the EZSRM Menu, select Parmlib Members to advance to the EZSRMP Parmlib Members menu, then select All Active Members to display the ADMEMA view. Does SMPOOLIV display as active?

    • From the Administration on the EZSRM Menu, select Functions. Does DASDPOOL display as active? Does DASDPOOL show DP as both FLST and RLST?

    • Did the job saved as IVPEZP01 use the job name identified by the JOB= keyword in both SMFLSTDP and SMRLSTDP?

    • Did the data sets associated with DD1, DD2 and DD3 match the filter criteria defined by DSN2 and DSN3 in SMRSLTDP?

    • Under Administration on the EZSRM Menu, select Component Status. Does the Allocation component display as active?

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