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Testing the IVPPOOL pool definition

Use the following procedure to test the IVPPOOL pool definition.

To test the pool definition

  1. Sign on to MainView SRM.

    The EZSRM Menu is displayed.

  2. Under DASD Analysis on the EZSRM Menu, select Group & Pool Analysis to advance to the Group & Pool Analysis menu.
  3. Under Configuration on the Group & Pool Analysis menu, select Group/Pool List.
  4. On the COMMAND line, type L IVPPOOL to locate IVPPOOL in the list.
  5. Place your cursor on the number in the Vols column for IVPPOOL and press Enter to advance to the VOLCNFG view.
  6. Verify that the volumes listed are the ones you defined for IVPPOOL in ?prefix.UBBPARM(SMPOOLIV).

    If you were unable to verify the volumes in the pool, check the following:

    • Type COMPSTAT as a primary command to see the Component Status view. Does the space collector display as active?

    • Under Administration on the EZSRM Menu, select Parmlib Members to advance to EZSRMP. Under SRM Parmlib Members, select All Active Members. Does SMPOOLIV display as active?

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