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Testing HSM log extraction

Use the following procedure to test HSM log extraction.

To test HSM log extraction

  1. Set the TIME command to include the time period for which you want to retrieve data.

    To set the TIME command, type TIME on the COMMAND line. Type HELP TIME for information about the command.

  2. Under Tape & HSM Views on the EZSRM Menu, select DFSMS/HSM to access the EZSRMHSM Menu.
  3. Under HSM Views on the EZSRMHSM Menu, select Error Summary to advance to the HSM Error Summary data entry dialog.
  4. Complete the DSN Mask field, type /.
  5. Press PF3 or the END command to display the Error Summary report. (Use F11 to scroll right, and use F10 to scroll left.)

    This report should contain data, even if all migrations, recalls, backups, and recoveries completed successfully. If the report does not display data, ask the following questions:

    • Did you use a valid password?

    • Was there any DFSMShsm activity on this system? The HSM Log Database view can be used to determine if data is contained in the MainView SRM HSM database.

    • Did the job (JCLHSMLX) create an output data set?

    • Was there any data in the DFSMShsm LOGY file?

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