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MainView SRM and MainView Logger

MainView SRM uses the MainView Logger to log these items:
  • Event messages that the MainView SRM Automation component generates

    The logged events are viewable via links on the Automation main menu.

  • Audit log records that MainView SRM facilities generate

    The records are viewable via a link from the MainView SRM Main option menu.

To log events and audit log records, the MainView Logger must be installed, customized, active, and available to the MainView SRM address space.


The MainView Logger address space should be active before the SVOS address space becomes active to ensure that the MainView Logger receives all of the events and audit log records that are generated by MainView SRM. If SVOS is activated after the MainView Logger address space, or if the MainView Logger address space is cycled while SVOS is active, the SVOS address space will establish or reestablish the connection to the MainView Logger automatically.

MainView SRM events and audit log records will be logged to the main (or default) logspace that is defined to the MainView Logger. If you choose to create a separate logspace for MainView SRM events and audit log records, you must code the MVL_LSNAME keyword in the SMMSYSxx PARMLIB.

For more information about the MVL_LSNAME keyword, see Reference for MainView SRM products. For information about MainView Logger customization and usage, see the Customizing after installation and the MainView Administration Guide.

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