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EMC SymmAPI-MF V510 support

MainView SRM supports the EMC ResourcePak Base product and EMC micro code levels 5x68 and higher.

MainView SRM uses the EMC SymmAPI to obtain extended EMC information, which includes the mapping of a logical user volume to an internal physical disk. The SymmAPI running on z/OS communicates with the hardware micro code that is installed within the Symmetrix device. The micro code hardware and the SymmAPI software can be at various versions/levels. A new version of the API usually can handle the current micro code level and all prior micro code levels. However, each micro code level requires a minimum API level. The SymmAPI version 4.10 software that is distributed within MainView SRM supports micro code level 5x67 and lower.


The EMC SymmAPI functions are not available when MainView SRM is running on a VM guest machine. When run on a VM guest, MainView SRM issues a message to the SVOS job log during product startup indicating that extended EMC data will be unavailable.

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