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Defining the system configuration

A system configuration consists of the SMMSYSxx master system member, which contains global definition PARMLIB members.

MainView SRM definition members describes all members and indicates which are global definition members.

A fully functional MainView SRM system contains at least one configuration of the global definition PARMLIB members. These PARMLIB members contain all of the parameters that define a MainView SRM subsystem.

To configure the operating environment, SRM reads the PARMLIB members, beginning with the SMMSYSxx member, during startup. SMMSYSxx specifies the suffix of other global definition members that are to be included in the configuration of MainView SRM that is starting. To define or edit PARMLIB members, see Editing definition members.

Multiple MainView SRM system configurations and multiple suffix versions of the PARMLIB members, each containing different specifications, can reside in BBPARM. However, only one set of PARMLIB members is in use by MainView SRM at any one time.

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