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Defining a test pool called IVPPOOL

Use the following procedure to define a test pool called IVPPOOL.

To define a test pool

  1. Copy ?prefix.BBSAMP(SMPOOLIV) to ?prefix.UBBPARM(SMPOOLIV).
  2. Follow the instructions in each member and save your changes.
  3. On the EZSRM Menu, select Parmlib Members to display the EZSRMP Parmlib Members menu.
  4. Under SRM Parmlib Members on the EZSRMP Parmlib Members menu, select Pools.
  5. Type R in the CMD column next to SMPOOLIV, then press Enter to refresh SMPOOLIV.


    Successfully refreshing SMPOOLIV makes it the active pool. It remains active until SVOS is stopped or until you refresh another pool member.

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