This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Service Request Management.

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Informational messages for Identity Request Management

Identity Request Management no longer supported

The Identity Request Management (IRM) module is no longer supported in versions 9.0 and later of BMC Service Request Management. However, IRM continues to be shipped for reference in version 9.1.00 of BMC Service Request Management.

For more information about the end of life of IRM, see Product announcements.

This topic describes the informational messages that you might encounter.

1 - IRM160015I: Request [HTMLUATsrm91:request number] was submitted.

This message appears after the user submits a request for an Identity Request Management service.

2 - IRM160016I: Configuration parameters saved.

This message appears after the user saves the configuration parameters on each of the configuration forms.

3 - IRM45352I: Your Request requestNumber has been submitted

This message appears after the user submits a request for any of the following services:

  • Request Access Right
  • Remove Access Rights
  • Password Change Request
  • Enable Account Request
  • Unlock Account Request
  • Recertify Employee
  • Revoke Employee
  • Password Manager Launcher
  • Unlock Account Launcher
  • Enable Account Launcher

4 - IRM160017I: Application is: <$APPLICATION$> Groups are: <$GROUPS$> Group ids are: <$GROUPIDS$> Roles are: <$ROLES$> User is: <$USER$> Submitter is: <$Submitter$> Assignee group is: <$Assignee Groups$>

This message appears when the user clicks Show Permission on the BMC Identity Management Suite Configuration Parameters form.

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