This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Service Request Management.

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Adding information for advanced interface forms

You configure the fields in the Details and Details 2 tabs of the work order template exclusively for use with advanced interface forms. These fields appear when users select the SRD in the Request Entry console.

The Details tab and the Details 2 tab specify static-content fields you can include with this work order template. This functionality is especially useful for work orders because you can include up to 22 character fields (255-character limit each), 2 date fields, 2 time fields, 2 date and time fields, and 6 integer fields for users to add information to their work order.

To configure details fields

  1. From the Work Order Template form, click the Details tab or the Details 2 tab.
  2. In the Field Labels column, enter field labels (questions posed to users) as they should appear on the work order.
    For example, as shown in the following figure, the label for the SR Type Field 1 field (Enter first name of employee) on the Mapped tab of your advanced interface form should be entered to the first Field Labels field on the work order template.

    For optional questions posed to users, enter any default field values to appear on the work order next to the corresponding field labels when a user does not provide a response. For more information about using advanced interface forms, see Creating and using advanced interface forms.

    In the Field Values column, enter any default field values that you want to appear in the corresponding fields.
    The following table shows the field types for the details fields.

    Field number

    Field type

    1 - 5


    6 - 7


    8 - 9


    10 - 23


    24 - 27


    28 - 30


    48 - 49Date
    50 - 51 Time
  3. Click Save.
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