This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Service Request Management.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

About menu questions

You can create the following types of menus:

  • Static — Shows a menu from which users can select values. See Defining static menu questions.
  • Query — Shows a menu users based on data from a form in the application. Menu values shown on the Request Entry console can depend on answers by a user to a previous question. For example, you can use the Query Builder to select a value from Questions Library field ('Status' = <Restaurant Status> ).

    A query menu inserts a menu on the Request Entry console that queries other forms in the system and lists values that users can select from. Query menus depend on their underlying data. You must select the field from the form that the data will come from. See Defining query menu questions.

    When you are creating a service request definition (SRD), you can even build a dynamic menu that has multiple dependencies. This type of menu uses the answers to multiple questions to retrieve data ('Status' = <Restaurant status> AND 'Modified Date' => <Date and Time> ). See Defining dynamic query menus.


  • Users must have access to the form that is being queried. If you select the HPD:Help Desk form, but users do not have permissions to access it, the query menu does not show any data.
  • Query menus depend upon records in their underlying forms. When defining a query menu, consider the number of records that might be returned when the menu is populated, and evaluate the use of a qualification. Also make sure that your administrator has configured the Max Entries Returned By GetList setting on the Configuration tab in Server Information to accommodate the query menus that you create. For example, if Max Entries Returned By GetList is set to 10, then only 10 values will be listed in each query menu, even if there are more than 10 matching records in each underlying form. For more information, see Setting administrative options (BMC Remedy Action Request System documentation).
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