This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Service Request Management.

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Importing sample data SRDs

This topic describes how to obtain the sample data from a server where it was previously installed, and then import it to another server.


By default, the SRD templates are assigned to Calbro. To use the sample data SRDs out of the box, ensure that Calbro company sample data is present on the system. To apply the sample data SRDs to your company, export them from Calbro and import them into your company.

To import sample data SRDs

  1. Export the sample data SRDs from the original server to your local computer.
  2. Import the SRDs from your local computer to another server. During import, select the Import all definitions as new (rename all by adding a prefix to name) option.
  3. Export the SRDs from the second server to your local computer.
  4. Import them into the original server. During import, select the Apply the imported definitions to a different company option.

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