This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Service Request Management.

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Creating people qualifications

People qualifications enable you to define a selection of people that you can associate with an SRD entitlement rule.


To increase performance, entitlement rules are cached. A user’s entitlement cache is flushed when a related entitlement rule is created or modified. Users must reopen the Request Entry console for related entitlement rule changes to apply.

To create a people qualification

  1. Open the Entitlement Console, as explained in Creating entitlement rules.
  2. Choose Entitlements > PED Management.
  3. In the People Qualification for Entitlement form, select the status.
    The default setting is Enabled.
  4. Enter a name for the people qualification.
  5. Select one of the following options, and select or enter a value:





    Company name

    Entitles one specific company to view the SRD

    AR Username

    Logon ID

    Entitles one person to view the SRD. Click Add to open the People Search form. Select the appropriate user record, and click Select.

    Entitlement Group

    Entitlement group description

    Entitles one specific group to view the SRD. For more information, see Creating entitlement groups.


    Region, site group, or site

    Entitles a specific location to view the SRD, defined by any combination of region (North America), site group (Northern California), or site (Sunnyvale)

    Advanced Qualification

    Qualification string

    Enables you to define an advanced entitlement qualification. When you select this option, the Advanced Qualification Builder appears. Select field names by clicking either Fields From or Fields From Current Form, and selecting from the list. Select a qualifier, add values in the Qualification field, and then click Select.


    • The advanced qualification applies to entries in the CTM:People form. If you use the Advanced Qualification Builder to create an advanced qualification in the People Qualification for Entitlement form, do not use any of the keywords from the Keywords list. The keywords in this list do not apply to data in the the CTM:People form. 
    • After you create the qualification and users log in, the entitlement cache is populated. If records in the CTM:People form are modified at this point, users might not see changes to the SRDs to which they are entitled. To correct this issue, flush the entitlement cache as explained in Validating user entitlement to SRDs. Users will see changes the next time they open the Request Entry console.
  6. Click Save.
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