This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Service Request Management.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Adding surveys to an SRD

Use the Search for Surveys form to add surveys to an SRD. 


  • You can add a survey to the SRD only if surveys are enabled in the Request Preferences form. See Defining behavior rules for surveys.
  • You can include up to 12 questions in a survey.

To add surveys to an SRD

  1. Search for the SRD, select it, and click View.
  2. Click the Service Request tab.
    If a default survey was created, its name appears.
  3. To exclude a survey from this SRD, select Disabled from the Status menu.
  4. To create a custom survey for this SRD, select Custom from the Configuration field.
    Otherwise, the default survey is included with the SRD.
  5. Click Select.
  6. In the Search Survey form, select the company to which this survey applies, or select Global to make this survey available to all companies.
  7. To create a survey, click Create.
  8. In the Configure Survey form, enter a name for your survey.
  9. Click Save.
    The dialog box closes and you are returned to the Search Survey form.
  10. Click Manage Questions.
  11. To create or modify questions in your survey:
    1. Specify a locale, if your questions must be localized, for example, en_US.
    2. Specify the numerical sequence, for example, 1.
    3. Define the question.
    4. Click Add or Modify.
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