This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Service Request Management.

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Adding an image to the Instructions field

You can add an image to the Instructions field the same way that you add an image to a character field.


You can add up to 3 images in the Instructions field. The images must be in the JPG or GIF format.

If an image is accessible through a URL, you can add it to a character field, if the field includes an RTF icon ( ).

Adding an image to a character field

  1. Click the RTF icon ( ) next to the character field.
  2. Click the image button ( ) to open the Image Options pop-up box.
  3. Complete the following fields:



    Image URL

    URL to the image. If a browse button (...) appears, you can select an image file from your local computer. See Using the browse button to add an image to a character field.

    Note: Do not enter a local file path, such as C:\Documents and Settings\user1\My Documents\companylogo.jpg. If you do enter a local path, the link will break on the computer.


    The length and width of the image in pixels.

    Text Flow

    The alignment of the image with the text.


    Amount of space (in pixels) around the image.


    The type of border around the image. You can select the width, line type, and color.


    The text that appears when the mouse hovers over the image.

    Link URL

    The URL that is opened when you click the image in the character field.

    Open in a new window

    If this check box is selected (the default), when a user clicks the image, a new browser or browser tab opens the URL. If the check box is not selected, the URL's web page opens on the same browser.

  4. Click OK.

Using the browse button to add an image to a character field

  1. In the Image Options pop-up box, click the browse button (...) if it is available.

  2. In the Add Attachment dialog box, click Browse and search for an image to add.

  3. Click OK.

Deleting an image from a character field

  1. Select the image in the RTF field, and delete it.

  2. Move the cursor out of the RTF field.

  3. Save the form.

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