This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Service Request Management.

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Adding a service CI to an SRD

This section discusses adding a service configuration item (CI) to an SRD.

The following instructions are provided:

A CI in the Atrium Service Catalog is an instance of an entity that is part of your environment and has configurable attributes specific to that instance. These entities can be physical (such as a computer system), logical (such as an installed instance of a software program), or conceptual (such as a service).

When you create an SRD, you can integrate it with a service CI that is part of your environment and has configurable attributes, such as criticality to the business and the cost of interruption of service. For example, if you are creating an SRD for new employees, you would need business services that create passwords, purchase new hardware and software, provide network access, and so on.


The service that a requester selects in response to a question takes precedence over a service specified in the Work Order template or in the SRD. (The service specified in the SRD takes precedence over a service specified in a Work Order template.)

To select CIs for an SRD

  1. Search for the SRD, select it, and click View.
  2. Click the Search button next to the Service field.
  3. Complete the search criteria tabs on the CI Relationship Search form, and click the Search icon.
    Search results appear in the table.
  4. Select a CI from the search results table, and click Select.
    The CI Relationships Search form closes, and the name of the CI appears in the Service field.
  5. If you want the SRD to automatically create the business process that works with To the business service CI, select the Create Business Process check box (selected by default).
    Otherwise, clear the Create Business Process check box.
    This action works only if the Service Request Definition Settings form is correctly configured. See Setting options in the Service Request Definition Settings form.

To pass the service as a user's response to backend application entries

  1. Include the following target data in the application object template:
    • Business Service (for Work Order) or Service CI (for Incident and Change)
    • CI_ReconID
  2. Define variables to the target data on the PDT.
  3. Create a question on the SRD.
  4. Create a query menu based on the BMC.CORE:BMC_BusinessService form:
    1. Select Name for Display Label and Reconciliation Identify for Actual Value.
    2. Map the question to the variable for Business Service or Service CI as User Displayed Response.
    3. Map the same question to the variable for CI_ReconID as Internally Represented Response.
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