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Sorting navigational categories

You can set an administrator preference for how navigational categories display in the Request Entry console—alphabetically or by sort order. If you choose to display navigational categories by sort order, you define the sort order in the Category Management form as explained in this topic. For information about displaying the categories alphabetically, see Configuring request entry preferences.

You can sort category items in each category level up or down in the category tree. For instance, in the following example, you can move Calbro Category 1 Email up above Global Category 1 Hardware or you can move it below Calbro Category 1 Computers, but you cannot move it to any Category 2 or Category 3 level in the tree.


Global Category 1 Software
	Calbro Category 2 Acrobat
	Global Category 2 Microsoft
		Calbro Category 3 Excel
		Global Category 3 Microsoft Word
Global Category 1 Hardware
Calbro Category 1 Email
Calbro Category 1 Computers
	Calbro Category 2 PC
	Calbro Category 2 Macintosh

You can sort Category 2 and Category 3 records in their category levels. You can sort global and company Category 2 records (for example, Calbro Acrobat or Global Microsoft), or global and company Category 3 records (Calbro Excel or Global Microsoft Word).


After you have selected a company, you cannot sort any Global categories. You must select Global as the company to enable sorting of Global categories.

To sort navigational categories

  1. From the Application Administration Console, click the Custom Configuration tab.
  2. From the Application Settings list, choose Service Request Management > Navigational Categories > Category Management, and click Open.
  3. Select a record in the Categories tree.
  4. Click the arrows to move the categories up or down.
    You can sort global and company records in each category level.


    Sort the Global categories first, and sort the company categories later.

  5. (Optional)To test your navigation categories:
    1. From the Service Catalog Manager Console, click Create.
    2. From the Service Request Definition form, create one or more SRDs with your navigation categories (global or company), and deploy them.
    3. Log into the Request Entry console.
      If you correctly configured the navigational categories, your global and company categories appear properly.
  6. Click one of the Browse Subcategories.
    The Category 2 and Category 3 values appear.

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