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Service pack 1 for version 8.1.00: 8.1.01

This topic contains information about fixes and enhancements in this service pack and provides instructions for downloading and installing the service pack.  


For information about issues corrected in this service pack, see Known and corrected issues.


BMC Service Level Management 8.1 is not compatible with BMC Remedy ITSM 8.1.01. These compatibility issues also apply to BMC Service Request Management 8.1.01.

The compatibility enforces the following limitations:

BMC Service Level Management 8.1 is not compatible with  BMC Remedy ITSM 8.1.01.

The compatibility enforces the following limitations:

  • Fresh installation of BMC Remedy ITSM 8.1.01 with BMC Service Level Management 8.1 is not supported.
  • If you try to upgrade BMC Service Level Management to 8.1.00 after BMC Remedy ITSM 8.1.01, you will encounter following errors:
    • Forms,views and, integrations are downgraded.
    • All foundation fixes done after 8.1.00 are lost.
    • Also see defect SW00464141.

This issue will be fixed with the release of BMC Service Level Management Service Pack 1 for 8.1.00.

However, if your current BMC Remedy ITSM environment is on 8.1.00 and you already have BMC Service Level Management 8.1, you can upgrade to BMC Remedy ITSM 8.1.01.


Service Pack 1 provides the following enhancements:

Merge data import enhancement

When you migrate objects from a development environment to a test or production environment, you can use the new Merge data import option to update objects on the target server. In addition, you can view relationships among service request definitions (SRDs), process definition templates (PDTs), application object templates (AOTs), and application templates, so you can see which objects will be affected by an import. The Import Export Console also provides more detailed information about export and import results, such as a list of objects and the error messages associated with them.

Other import and export enhancements include:

  • Improved data export performance
  • Support for exporting and importing SRD packages and SRD levels

For more information, see Exporting SRDs, PDTS, and supporting data and Import data options.

UI enhancements

The BMC Service Request Management UI includes the following enhancements:

  • Resizeable Request Details window — When opened by an IT fulfillment specialist from a work order, change, or incident, the Request Details window is now part of the BMC Remedy ITSM navigation framework. This makes the window larger and resizeable, and allows easier navigation from the breadcrumbs bar. In addition, in the Process View tab, the Properties pane is collapsed by default to produce more window space. See Viewing details of requests in fulfillment applications.
  • Approval question/response integration — When an approver asks a question about a request, the request appears in the Requests Needing Attention list in the My Requests pod, and the user can click the Respond link to send an answer. See Viewing and managing your requests.
  • Popular request descriptions — In the Popular Requests list in the Request Entry console, you can now view the description of a service request by clicking the Request Description icon that appears when you mouse over the name. In previous versions, the description appeared after you moused over the name and paused for a few seconds. The new method allows users to be more intentional about viewing the description, and the description appears more rapidly. See Submitting requests.

Data Wizard enhancement

The data wizard now supports BMC Knowledge Management and BMC Service Request Management forms when you modify Foundation data. For information about using the data wizard, see Overview of the data wizard.

DVF logging enhancement

BMC Service Request Management data visualization fields (DVFs) are now included in data visualization module (DVM) logging. For information about enabling DVM logging, see Configuring the Log Settings page.

Product Ordering PDT enhancement

The Product Ordering PDT has been simplified to use fewer steps, while keeping the same overall flow. See Overview of the Product Ordering feature.

Downloading the service pack

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

Installing the service pack

For installation instructions, see Installing or Upgrading.

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Known and corrected issues

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  1. Veeral Oza

    Installation and upgrade links under Installing the service pack section above takes you to SRM Installation and Upgrade section

    Does it mean that there are no specific installation instructions for this SP1?

    Feb 25, 2014 11:36
  2. Catherine Siderine

    Hi Veeral,

    Thank you for your question. A service pack installation is the same as a full installation, so the same links are provided.

    For any installation or upgrade, it's a good idea to thoroughly review all of the installation and upgrade information, including any "Planning" and "Preparing" topics. Also review Urgent issues and Known and corrected issues for open issues in version 8.1.01.

    If you are installing or upgrading BMC Service Request Management as part of the BMC Remedy IT Service Management suite, you should follow the end-to-end instructions in the BMC Remedy IT Service Management online documentation, which includes instructions for BMC Service Request Management. Be sure to review any urgent and known issues for the suite as well.



    Feb 26, 2014 01:23
  3. Maxim Baturlov

    Where I can find list of changed files for Service Pack or Patch?

    Apr 01, 2014 12:42
    1. Bruce Cane

      Hello Maxim,

      I'll check this for you. 

      Apr 01, 2014 01:47
    1. Bruce Cane

      Hi Maxim, I've looked into this and, unfortunately, this kind of information is not provided in the documentation. 

      Apr 02, 2014 12:33