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Sending and receiving notifications

When a request moves to a new status (for example, Pending or Initiated), the application generates notifications. Based on their group or role, users might receive notifications during various request or work order status changes.


By default, users who trigger actions do not receive notifications of that action. For example, users logging into the system and assigning a work order to themselves are not notified. The system assumes users know that they performed the action and bypasses the notification.

Some notifications are not triggered by status transitions, but by separate actions. For example:

  • Signature notifications — Approvers receive a notification that they were chosen as approvers when the signature is created.
  • Group notifications — Group notifications are sent to the assigned group when the assigned group changes.
  • Assignments — After a request is assigned, or if its assignment changes, this action triggers a notification to the assignee regardless of the request's status.

The application also includes conditional notifications, which occur in certain conditions but not in others. For example, group notifications for a work order are sent only if there is no assigned individual.

The following topics provide more information about notifications triggered by request status transitions and user actions:

For information about notification preferences, see Setting notification preferences.

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